Top 3 Reasons to Engage an Interior Stylist over an ID

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Top 3 Reasons to Engage an Interior Stylist over an ID


Top 3 Reasons to Engage an Interior Stylist over an ID

Sep 13, 2021

Interior Stylists are like fashion consultants while Interior Designers are like plastic surgeons. Stylist uses specific color, texture, furniture & decor to create the feeling of a bigger space, while ID can tear down walls and build higher ceilings to literally make the space bigger.

Interior Stylists are like fashion consultants while ID are like plastic surgeons

1. ID push for built-in carpentry; Stylists prefers the flexibility of soft furnishing

The trend we’re seeing today is ID opting for built-in carpentry that is bulky, costly and unnecessary. Whereas Stylists prefer to buy an off-the-rack TV console that has thin legs to allow light to filter through and make the space feel bigger, plus it’s cheaper too!

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Here’s an example of how we transform this study room simply with a vibrant wallpaper, a classy study stable, some unique shelves and decorative items.

The best thing is the flexibility and low cost! This room can be repurpose to a baby room in the future, alternatively, we can change the wallpaper or reposition the layout for a refreshing new look.

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Juz Interior

On the contrary, built-in carpentry like the above can quickly look tired after a few years.

Some dishonest ID will also push for built-in carpentry because it has higher profit margins.  They will not profit from homeowners buying cheaper furnishing from retailers.

2. ID may advise what sofa to buy; Stylists matches the sofa with decorative pillows, knitted throws, floor rug, wall art & curtains to make it feel complete

In Singapore, most ID do not help with the furnishing of homes. And for those who do, it’s mostly limited to selecting larger furniture. We believe that both big & small furnishing is essential to achieving your dream home!

As an example of our attention to details, we go to the extent of choosing different sizes, colors, textures and the number of decorative pillows to make your sofa feels comfy & complete.

And not forgetting this is just your living room, there’s still the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, entryway to style and achieve a cohesive look. Just look at the difference for the 2 homes below, and how styling can complete the space.

Coco Camellia

Qanvast – Roughsketch

3. ID plans a space; Stylists decorates and completes your home

An ID is adept at space planning, for example how wide should a corridor be, or how high should the showerhead be. Unless you’re making structural changes to your landed property, most Singapore homes have a fixed layout and is unnecessary to change.

What you could change is the tiles, wall paint, carpentry colour, countertop material etc. And a stylist’s skillset in color theory is perfect to match different materials, texture, furnishing & decor to make your home feel balance and complete.

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The Stables

Imagine the above home with clashing colors & disproportionate furniture, it would surely feel imbalance. A Stylist is skilled in dressing up the home to make it feel balance and complete

Hand over Construction plans with yellow helmet and drawing tools on blueprints
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Interior designers are adept at space planning, and they analyze how the space will be used, the circulation pattern and how people will move through the space. This is best suited for homes with large spaces and are thinking of making structural changes to their landed property.

Do you really need an interior designer? Unless you have major structural changes when rebuilding your landed property, most contractors are skilled at renovation works, are 20% cheaper than ID and Stylists will make your home beautiful.

P.S. Singapore homes can look amazing by engaging a contractor and stylist, learn more about our styling services here how we can help you achieve your instagram-worthy home.

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