5 Benefits of Decorating With Plants

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5 Benefits of Decorating With Plants


5 Benefits of Decorating With Plants

Sep 13, 2021

Plants don’t argue back and plants make people happy! Did you know research shows that nature & greenery resulted in improvements in mood and mental health? 

Don’t worry if you’re just starting on plant parenting, we were once there and now our house is looking like a jungle… be warned. But of course, there’s always the option for faux plants solely for decorative purpose without the health benefits – not only do plants reduce carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they also purify the air!

1. Stylish large pots as a statement piece

Gone were the days when planters were the standard orange terracotta pots. Today, the selection is increasing stylish, I mean just look at these pretty pots below! Dress it with a nice plant and it can be a statement piece in your home.

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Our favorite planters from Pop & Scott

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Tumble2 edited
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Tumbleweed statement planters above and Etsy ones below

Etsy planter
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2. Use cute planters instead of decorative ornaments

Instead of the typical decor ornaments or small sculptures, why not decorate your shelves with some cute planters or dress your ceiling with a classy hanging macrame

Dreamers Pot ladies are so quaint!

cute planters

Movie fans out there?
Baby Groot is too cute (Etsy)

etsy planter 2

Small planter perfect for a small area (Etsy)

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Hanging plant shelf is unique and pretty

Amazon Macrame2
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Hanging macrame planters are perfect as ceiling decor

3. Trendy plants have beautiful texture and patterns

Traditional plants used to be boring, but hey, now we have access to unique plants from all over the world and they are absolutely stunning! Variegated leaves that look like watercolor, or leaves that you might mistake as a watermelon?


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This variegated rubber plant looks like watercolor leaves doesn’t it?

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What about this juicy Watermelon Peperomia

String of pearls
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String of pearls is always a classic

Maranta plant2
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Check out the pretty patterns on this Maranta

4. Plants remove harmful chemicals from the air and produces oxygen

We learnt this when we were young – plants remove carbon dioxide & gives out oxygen. But did you know that they also purify the air by removing other chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

Here, the Sansevieria (aka Snake Plant) is an indoor plant that is perfect for beginners. It’s low maintenance and virtually indestructible! Researchers also say that Snake Plants produces the most oxygen too!

The pot is from Etsy if you’re interested

5. Plants bring life to your home and have a calming effect

We all have an innate desire to be connected with nature, and research shows that greenery improves our mood and mental health. Plants, and the colour green in general helps reduce stress, and provides a calming effect to start our day perfect.

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We hope that you’re inspired to being your plant parenting journey, leave us a comment or tag us on instagram to show us your plant gang!

P.S. Need advice on plant decorating? Learn more about our styling services here and how we can help you decorate your home with trendy pots & unique plants to add life to your home, and achieve your insta-worthy home

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